utils.cpp File Reference

Various utility functions and constants. More...

#include <target/utils.hpp>
#include <algorithm>
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arma::mat target::deriv (cx_func f, arma::vec theta)
arma::umat target::clusterid (const arma::uvec &id)
arma::mat target::groupsum (const arma::mat &x, const arma::uvec &cluster, bool reduce=true)
arma::mat target::interpolate (const arma::mat &input, double tau, bool locf=false)
void target::fastpattern (const arma::umat &y, arma::umat &pattern, arma::uvec &group, unsigned categories=2)
arma::umat target::fastapprox (arma::vec time, const arma::vec &newtime, bool equal=false, unsigned type=0)
double target::SupTest (const arma::vec &D)
double target::L2Test (const arma::vec &D, const arma::vec &t)
double target::CramerVonMises (const arma::vec &x, arma::vec G)

Detailed Description

Various utility functions and constants.

Klaus K. Holst

Definition in file utils.cpp.