nb.hpp File Reference

Weighted Naive Bayes. More...

#include <vector>
#include "utils.hpp"
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using target::raggedArray = std::vector< arma::vec >


raggedArray target::pcond (const arma::uvec &idx, const arma::mat &x, const arma::uvec &xlev, const arma::vec &weights, double laplacesmooth)
std::vector< raggedArray > target::nb (arma::vec y, arma::mat x, arma::uvec xlev=arma::uvec(), arma::vec ylev=arma::vec(), arma::vec weights=arma::vec(), double laplacesmooth=1.0)
arma::mat target::prednb (const arma::mat &X, const raggedArray &condprob, raggedArray xord, arma::uvec multinomial, arma::vec prior=arma::vec(), double threshold=1E-3)

Detailed Description

Weighted Naive Bayes.

Klaus K. Holst

Definition in file nb.hpp.